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Our 2021 annual general report is available

MAPC's 2021 annual general report is now available for download. From the introduction by Board President Maria Fernandes:

What a year it has been! History was made as COVID 19 pandemic affected every country and territory on our planet. Everything from travel to grocery shopping (who can forget the Great Toilet Paper Shortage of 2020?) to medical appointments to manicures and of course, school was affected, and major adjustments needed to be made all over the world. Right here at home, we saw our Manitoba teachers, administrators, school staff, trustees, parents and students come together like never before to ensure our children were able to continue learning through such a difficult time. While we have always known how valuable our teachers and school staff are, since March of 2020 we have seen them for the superstars they truly are.

Download our 2021 annual report