The MAPC Advocacy Project (MAPCAP)


What is the MAPC Advocacy Project?

The Manitoba Association of Parent Councils Advocacy Project (MAPCAP) defines advocacy as, "speaking up in support of yourself or others with the goal being resolution”.

The purpose of the Project is to help parents and parent leaders learn to deal more successfully with concerns they are facing within the public school system. Our Volunteer Parent Advocates work with parents through a mentoring system which fosters confidence and independence as well as skill when preparing for meetings, navigating the chain of command within schools and divisions, and understanding policies and legislation surrounding education. It’s a complex system and we’re here to help!

Parent Resource

MAPC's Empowering Parents: A Guide to Addressing Concerns in Manitoba Schools - a MAPC guide created to provide parents with ideas and tools to help address concerns and work toward a resolution.

Interested in learning more about MAPCAP? CONTACT the MAPC office or download our brochure: