Member Services

why you or your group should consider joining MAPC:

  • MAPC represents all parents and parent groups in Manitoba to the Manitoba government. This includes (but is not limited to) advisory councils for school leadership, parent committees, school committees, home & school associations, parent advisory committees, and more.                                                                                                            
  • MAPC has access to several resources which can be shared with your group, as well as a seasonal newsletter, regular E-bulletin, Facebook Page and Twitter Feed
  • MAPC has representation on Manitoba Education Steering Committees, representing the parental voice in Manitoba
  • MAPC hosts annual regional workshops (locations change annually within the province of Manitoba) to help enhance your school groups’ professional learning opportunities including a Chairpersons' Breakfast (Winnipeg) in January and a Chairpersons' Breakfast in Brandon in February
  • MAPC has an Annual General Meeting and Spring Conference where information is shared and learning experiences are provided to our membership
  • MAPC offers presentations to your parent group on requested topics of interest. These include:
    • What is MAPC?,
    • Roles and Responsibilities of Parent Advisory Councils,
    • The MAPC Advocacy Project
    • Effective Meetings
    • Parent Volunteers
  • We can also create a customized presentation or consultation based on your school community’s needs.